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Motor size constants

Motor size constants are fixed by the amount of steel and copper in a motor. No matter how the winding area is filled, size constants remain fixed. The most important motor size constant is Km, the motor constant. It has units … Continue reading

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Motor winding constants

Motor winding constants are changed by how the available copper space is wound.  For example if you already have a motor datasheet and the motor has a back EMF constant of 10 V per kRPM then you could modify the … Continue reading

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Motor constants

Motor constants fall into two groups: motor size constants and motor winding constants. Size constants are constants that are fully defined by the motor size.  These constants are the peak torque, thermal impedance and the motor constant, Km, which has … Continue reading

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Motors: Breaking the Laws of Physics

Once in a while I get asked why a motor can’t be designed that has a back emf constant, Ke, that is independent of the the torque constant, Kt.  If only I could.  I would solve the worlds energy needs.  Of … Continue reading

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